Managed Privacy Canada Makes Businesses Private by Design

We Help Organizations Adopt the 7 Principles of Privacy by Design

Are You Private By Design?

Adopting the 7 principles of Privacy by Design introduced by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario is an effective way to build trust, demonstrate data protection and demonstrate accountability for privacy compliance. The key principles to start with are:

Proactive Privacy

Managed Privacy Canada (MPC) helps adopt privacy by default, full functionality and proactive privacy measures to ensure privacy compliance and build trust.

Layered Data Protection

Access Privacy by Design documentation and other privacy frameworks using MPC's PrivacyDash™, to protect data end-to-end and embed confidentiality controls into design.

Openness & Transparency

Leverage your adoption of Privacy by Design as a key competitive differentiator by providing visibility and transparency to ensure that privacy is open and user-centric for a positive-sum.